Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Simple Spring Decor: Cheap Way to Beautify Flower Pots

Spring is such a beautiful time of year...seeing all the new growth, sweet birds (and tons of worms), and vibrant renewal of colors. I love the changing of the seasons (which is probably why Spring and Autumn are my favorite times of year)! And, while grocery shopping I happened upon this sweet little plant which I couldn't resist taking home with me :)
I actually picked up two of these pretties. Widget and I decided to give one to her Kindergarten teacher and one to a close friend of mine/ours. Of course these flowers are pretty on their own, but I thought I could up the 'cute factor' of the plain plastic pots.
I grabbed some lace-inspired washi tape, and got to work on the plastic pots.
I started by wrapping washi tape around the water tray first, then use the same technique around the pot itself. The effect is super simple (and CHEAP), but very pretty.
After hand-delivering each flower, I kind of wished I had bought an extra one for our house...But, I did get a few pretty pictures for my (and now your) viewing pleasure :) Whether the pots are plastic or a type of pottery, you now have a simple and cheap way to beautify flower pots!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mother's Day in the Garage

Remember, on the third Thursday of {almost} every month, my Sis-in-law, Tash, writes about her recent crafty adventures. Take it away, Tash!

Hey friends!
How has your month gone?  I hope it has been fun.  Mother's day came early to our house, because my mother was coming to visit.  My loving husband decided while they were visiting to put the crew to work, just for me.  Well and for him too.  For some unknown reason the washer and dryer live in the garage, right next to the garage door.  I know, HUH!?  Why would you ever want to do your laundry in the dirty garage?  In the summer it's the blisteringly hot dirty garage, because there is no insulation.  I know, I know, Who Designed THAT!?!  In the summer, laundry day is a miserable day.  Thanks to Spencer, my mom, her husband Dave, and my tall little bro Patrick, those days for me are over!

We began the project of beautifying, and more importantly insulating the garage, by adding more trusses.  Building codes have updated since our house was built, and we had half the amount now required.  Yikes!

At the end of the day it looked like this.

On day two we, meaning everybody except me, got to work putting up the insulation and the sheet rock.  Insulation makes me itchy, and there are other things in it that pregnant ladies should avoid.  My job was to hand screws to the strong men screwing the sheet rock to the ceiling, and to stay out of the way as much as possible.  It was harder than Patrick's job.

Here Patrick is working really hard on his second job.  He was making sure that sheet rock was secure... Or was it checking if the random plunger stuck to everything?

Thanks to all their help and Dave's fancy tools, we managed to get it all up in one day, and the seams mudded.  Just in time too...

After Mom, Dave, and Patrick left, Spencer and I finished the garage ceiling.  Really all it needed was a coat of paint to protect the sheet rock from dust and car exhaust, but where is the fun in that?  Spencer used the opportunity to practice texturing a ceiling.  It's harder than it looks, but goes by really fast.  I chose to paint with color.

After looking through the Oops Paint Section at the Home improvement store I found two that would work.  One was a bright teal, the other a warm gray.  Because I love Spencer, I like to protect his forehead from wrinkling.  I chose the gray.  If you aren't locked on a color or type of paint, the Oops section is wonderful.  The paint I found was normally $35.  I bought it for $7.  Score!

Now if I ignore the floor and the garage door, it almost looks like I have a real laundry room!  The best part will be in the dead of summer when this lady is super pregnant, but no longer melting at the thought of laundry.  I'm so grateful Mother's day came early.  I feel the love. <3

See you next month!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Miniature Nest Tutorial

 Now that we've passed St. Patty's Day, let's get to prepping your Spring decor! And, why not start out with a small a miniature sized project...I'm going to show you how I made a Miniature Nest to go in my miniature glass dome display, and it was super easy! Want to make one for yourself? Here ya go!

You only need three items to make a Miniature Nest:
-Twine (a little thicker braid is better)
-Button (about the size you would like the finished nest to be) My button was approx. 1.25" diameter
-Hot Glue Gun/Glue
 Start by gluing the end of your twine to the edge of the button, like so...
 Continue running hot glue around the edge of the button, attaching the twine all the way around. Once the button edge is completely covered, start using the glue to 'stack' the twine on top of itself...
 Continue building the nest by 'stacking' the twine row by row, until the nest is as deep as you like...but do not cut the twine yet.
 Once the preferred height is met, start gluing the twine inside the nest, covering up the button. Starting on the outer most edge of open button-face, keep gluing twine around and around until everything is covered. You can see the end of my twine is poking up from the center of my nest (below).
 Remember to glue any loose ends down (so they do not get in the way later) and remove any glue gun strings that may have been left over (I hate those things!). Tada! You now have a Miniature Nest of your very own :)
The picture above shows off the miniature size of the nest; the glass base is approximately 2.25" in diameter.

Use your Miniature Nest to add to your Spring/Easter decor...and it can be styled several ways!
*the eggs positioned in my Miniature Nest are actually Cadbury Candy Coated Mini Chocolate Eggs (and it took quite a bit of restraint to not eat all the candies while working on this project)

Friday, March 14, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Shirt - Pinch Me Not

Sometimes I can be a last minute type of person, but sometimes that a good thing. Like this 'Pinch Me Not' shirt I made for Widget.
 Because I had a deadline (the kids are celebrating St. Patty's Day today because next week they are off of school for Spring Break) I was able to crank out this shirt within a few hours from start to finish. The idea for this shirt came from the game I played as a little know the one where you pick petals off a flower one at a time while saying "he loves me, he loves me not..." Get it? Okay, here is what I did:

I started by creating the words and shapes to be cut on my Silhouette machine, being careful to cut the dull side of the iron-on vinyl with a reversed image.
I wasn't sure which design I liked better (3 or 4 'leaf' clover), so I asked my Handsome Hubby and my friend, Mandy, for their opinions. Both liked the 4-leaf clover the best, so that is what I went with.
I followed the directions of the iron-on vinyl, and adhered the words and shapes to a green shirt. Once everything had cooled down, I peeled the plastic sheet off of the glitter vinyl.
And then Widget and I paired her new shirt with a multi-colored skirt. This is the complete outfit she is wearing today, and I'm sure she didn't get pinched ;)
If you would like to make a 'Pinch Me Not' shirt of your own (and have a Silhouette craft cutting machine), I would be happy to share my file with you. Leave a comment below or send me an email and I'd be happy to send the file your way asap :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!