Sunday, September 25, 2011

Maxi Makeover

So maxi dresses are really REALLY popular everywhere now-a-days. I like me a good maxi, but sometimes it's not as flattering on someone who is pear someone I may or may not know. Anyway, I thought if I made the maxi 'lighter' it would flare out closer to my knees, which would make my hips look 'slimmer' that even a word? And I was hoping to jump on the Fall Boot Bandwagon and it wouldn't work well to have a dress to the floor if I want to show off them boots, ya know?!?
This dress is lllooooonngggg....I'm standing on my tip-toes here. And the dress is still skimming the floor.
This maxi is actually not a regular maxi...
The front is longer than the back (hey, you buy what's on sale right?), which means I stepped on it all.the.time.
Do you like my bedspread? My mom-in-law made it :)
So I got my scissors out-
And I started cutting away. It was fairly easy, especially since I could follow the straight line of the stripes-EasyPeasy, right?
Now I have two pieces :)
Hey look, my dress matches my walls in my bedroom!!!
So what should we do with our secondary piece of fabric, ya'll?
Make an infinity scarf, of course!
I was telling my husband just how goofy I feel when I take pics of's hard enough to take a good picture, but even worse of yourself in the mirror. If you've tried it, you'd know.
This ended up being an awesome picture, though...if I do say so myself :)
So what does the dress look like now?
(btw, I took these last photos at Dillard's in the men's suit dressing room) Pump up the style factor with accessories! Chunky necklace, big mom bag, shiny shoes & sparkly earrings...Oh, & don't forget a Widget!
I didn't cut the dress quite as short as I wanted to because I'm not sure if I want to finish the edge. If I finish the edge, it would shorten the dress, so I have room to play (so many options).
Total Outfit:
Dress- Kohl's around $12 but I only paid about $2 (I used a $10 reward thing they sent me in the mail)
Bag- $0.75-that's right, 75 cents at a garage sale (I think it's a gift with purchase bag from a make-up company)
Shoes- Kohl's. I do not remember the price (bought them last Spring)
Earrings- Surf Naked, yeah you read that right:) It's a friend of mine from Utah, I traded with her for some of my jewelry/shirts-so kinda free...
Necklace- Paparazzi $5 (everything from Paparazzi is just $5), a new friend of mine just started selling-you may know her from Sugar Bee Crafts
Widget- too expensive to put a tag on, but a LOT of work

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  1. Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday - you were featured today!
    - - Mandy, :)

  2. Yes 'slimmer' is a word :) I love keeping up with what you're doing on your blog. Do you need a blog invite to mine?? I am trying to get on top of updates...but it is a fun way to keep up with growing cousins!


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