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King Size Headboard Plans - Part II

Now onto the second portion of the King Size, 3-Panel Upholstered Headboard plans.
If you missed the first post, see Part I. here.

Overall Dimensions 78”x36”x3/4” (2 ½” including upholstered sections) for a king size headboard

Experience Level: Intermediate

Project sketch: (king size)
Required Material (Repeated):
·         1 -  4’x8’ sheet of  1/4” birch plywood.  You could use any type of plywood, but using birch, Baltic birch, or other hardwood plywood will provide a much more stable media (it won’t warp over time)
·         8 board feet of ¾” hardwood, I used Ash (this mean that you usually have to purchase 4/4 hardwood which ends up being about ¾”)
·         12 square feet of 2” foam
·         15 square feet of batting
·         100  -  3/8” staples
·         15 square feet of upholstery (we used leather)
·         80 grit, 120 grit and 220 grit sandpaper
·         Spray on Foam Adhesive
·         12  -  1” wood screws
·         2  -  French Cleat Picture Hangers (200 lb capacity, work like a charm)

                 1.       Prepare upholstery panels
a.       Use an 1/8” roundover bit in your router to take the sharp edge off of your plywood panels (this ensures that the edges are smooth and you won’t see a line from the front after the upholstery is in place)

b.      Using the panel as a guide, cut out the 2” foam
c.       Using the spray adhesive, adhere the foam to the front of the plywood panel (follow the instructions on the spray adhesive you are using-all are slightly different)
d.      Trim the long edges off of the foam using a sharp knife or electric knife (this will help you to have smooth, rounded edges) Make cuts about even/equal; does not need to be absolutely perfect :)

e.      Cut out upholstery and batting 2”-3” larger on each side to allow for working room (you will want to use the overlap to pull 'fabric' taut as you staple-keeping your panel looking smooth)

                2.       Upholster x 3 (or however many panels you are making)
a.       Place the upholstery face down on your working surface-like the living room floor
b.      Place the batting on top of the upholstery
c.       Place the panel (foam side down) centered on the batting/upholstery (remember your 2"-3" overlap on each side)
d.      Wrap the upholstery and batting around to the back of the panel on one of the long sides and put a few staples in, to hold it in place
Widget showing you the staples straight out of the box.
 e.      Wrap the other long side around to the back of the panel (opposite the first side) and pull it tight before placing a few staples in the middle to hold it in place
f.        Repeat steps d and e with the short sides-leave the corners for the very end.

g.       The corners can be tricky, so I’ll let you look up a youtube video to help explain it, such as (although she is working with a type of thinner home decor fabric, not leather). The key is that you pull the upholstery very tight the whole time-especially with leather.

All three panels lined up against the hardwood frame.

                 Side Note: We let our panels sit for a few days (after upholstering) and then took out all the staples and re-stretched the leather and stapled everything again. This helped for two reasons: our first try at corners was horrific (too much leather to sit down in the frame) and it was the first time our leather had been stretched so it had relaxed considerably in a few days, becoming a bit slack. Re-stretching the leather helped our panels look taut and smooth, and fit into the frame better.
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Part III will explain panel attachment and hanging your headboard on the wall.

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  1. neat headboard! It looks a lot like covering seat pads for chairs...did Preston learn that from Dad?:)


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