Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent Calendar

I have been saving toilet paper rolls (and paper towel rolls, too) since we moved to MO in hopes that I would finally get around to making one of those faux metal wall art things (like this). 
But when I saw a couple advent calendars linked up to different link parties last week (like this one), I decided my toilet paper rolls would be used at last! And, it turned out that I had the exact number of tp rolls needed for this project-I knew it must be fate :)

24 toilet paper rolls hung by the chimney with care...I mean, near the kitchen behind the sofa
I picked 12 different scrapbook papers (in Christmas prints), cut into 4" strips, then cut the strips in half (I used a 12" paper, so I cut my strips 4"x6")
I stapled my paper around the tube, then stapled one end of the tube closed. 
Grab some ribbon and clothes pins, and hang it up :)
From lots of different angles....
I wrote simple things we could do on strips of paper, then folded the paper up and tossed them one by one into the tp rolls. I wrote things that we could do mostly around the house, or near by, that would get us into the Christmas spirit: watch a Christmas movie, learn how to make snowflakes, draw a picture for grandparents/aunts & uncles, write a letter to Santa, act out the Christmas story (manger/creche), drive around the neighborhood to see the decorated houses at night time, etc. 
Keep in mind that I have one 3.5 year-old, so my daily activities are more on the 'short attention span' side, but you could come up with activities/food that would be better for your family-snack size treats (like Halloween candy bars) would also fit into the tp rolls. 
*I got a few ideas from another blogger for my activities...I can't find the original post/address, but this is her list (If anyone can tell me who wrote this, I would be happy to give credit where credit is due!!!)

This is my pathetic mantle for Christmas...I wanted something more substantial, 
but I haven't come up with anything yet-it may not happen this year :( 
And my stockings are hanging all crooked, 
but they are black and silver like our tree (and I made them last year!)
And here is the advent calendar...and our garland 
(which I plan to hang the Christmas cards we get in the mail on the garland, 
you know...if cards come in the mail)

Thanks for reading!

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