Sunday, December 4, 2011

Make Shift Christmas Wreath

I have a cute wreath that I've used on my front door for years, but I decided to add it to my mantle this year...and it will stay there even though the decor will not be completed this year...

But since I am using this wreath inside, I needed to figure out something else for the front door. When I was at Michael's Craft this last week, they had their wreath/garland stuff at least 50% off-so I grabbed a medium to large size greenery wreath for $3.49 (+ tax). I thought that was a pretty decent price :)
 See the wreath form on the ottoman & our ornament boxes (with left over ornaments from our tree), and Widget in the background watching a movie (in other words, zoned out!)
 This is the back of the wreath.
 The hole in the ornaments was too small to stick the 'branches' in, so I grabbed some extra ornament hooks and put them on some silver bulbs, stars, and bells.
 Then I used the wire in the garland, threaded it through the ornament hook, then folded the wire in the garland back onto itself (like in half)-locking the ornaments onto the wreath.
 This what it looked like before I added some silver ribbon tied to the metal frame on the back.
And here is the finished version all hung up with a fancy bow :) 
(and this last picture was actually taken in the day light-
versus the other pictures taken in the family at night)

Thanks for looking!

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