Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tiny Bit of Cheer

I've only recently (like mid-month) added a tiny bit of cheer to our Gallery Wall. 

The Hubby tried to teach Widget to cut snowflakes in paper. These are Hubby's snowflakes....I don't have anything to show from Widget's try at snowflakes. There was nothing left to take a picture of by the time I got home...
The 'present' ornament hanging in the middle was painted by Widge, and over half of the rhinestone sparkly things (the gray dots on the present in the picture) were added by Widget....but she ran out of patience so I finished them for her.
The only other addition to the Gallery Wall is this single black glitter ornament. It's actually been hanging there since we got the tree decorated on Nov. 27th. I thought it was a cool ornament, and I thought I would replicate it (I only bought one). I actually did try to make my own within a few days of buying this one-turns out that styro foam isn't the ideal medium to spray paint (I could never get my ball to be a true black color) and I really don't like messing with this will be the only black glitter ornament I own until I find more to buy :(   BTW-it's not like the glitter that rubs off on your hands every time you even think about touching it-it's almost like the liquid sequins fabric but it tiny scale...if that makes any sense at all

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