Monday, December 19, 2011

Updated photo-Holiday decor

This is what our banister looked like at the beginning of December.

Notice the Toilet Paper Advent Calendar?

This is what our banister looks like now, December 19 (a slightly more rainy day).

I've clipped every Christmas card we've received to the garland with clothes pins. I also made some simple paper ornaments at a play group we can see more on the ornaments over at Mandy's blog (You'll even see an awesomely awkward picture of me crafting on the floor, my usually crafting place...).

Adding the cards and ornaments has made our house a little more festive, and we can look at sweet pictures and sentiments from friends and family that we don't normally get to see very often.

And if you've sent us a card, but don't see it on the garland...Please don't worry! There is almost 6 feet of garland (and subsequently cards) not shown in this picture. We love you, too!...or the postman is holding onto them-he might like you even more than we do...hmmmm.....

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