Friday, July 29, 2011

Home Tour Continued, II

So from the front door, past the MUSIC ROOM, is the eat-in kitchen-no formal dining room.

If by chance you were wonder, Yes, you could walk in a straight line in the front door and out the back door (if our table wasn't in your way)

Bay-window/door area. Pan left to the sink

The ceiling goes almost all the way to the top of the 3rd bedroom/my studio

Cocoa accent wall is the total size of the closet in the studio...we also dont own a ladder taller than a normal step stool, so we have still not replaced those two light bulbs that you see are OUT in the track lighting fixture

While looking at houses, we noticed that very few in the area actually have a closet style pantry (built into a wall). This is our pantry:

next to our fridge bought off of Craigslist

And our awesome 'Lazy Susan' with half a door? Well, if I wanted to use that cabinet, we had to take half or the whole door off (hinged in the middle) or I couldn't open it. The door hit the fridge, no way around it. Preston only took the one side off, but I think eventually I will finish taking off the door and hang a 'curtain' type thingy to cover the hole open cupboard space.

The only pictures I have actually hung in the house, only because the nails were already there. I don't like the placement, but It was nice to put something of ours up.

Behind the dinning table is a banister that overlooks the Family room.

I'm so glad I didn't clean my house before taking pictures!

Down the stairs to the Family room

Except when you get to the bottom of those stairs, you see the door to the garage (to the right), the 1/2 bath, and the laundry room. What do you mean you don't see the laundry room?

Oh there it is :)

Back to the Family Room

I cheated...I only set the Cowboy picture up on the mantel. See? And you thought I lied about not hanging any pictures myself :P

The room divider is only hiding the mass of cords protruding from the wall so that we may have internet signal throughout the house. A minor detail that Preston we did not think about when the cable guys showed up to install everything.

There are 3 windows and a door (another going to the back yard) in the long wall in the Family Room, but it was too difficult to take a picture without blinding ya'll.

And this is the view from the FR to the kitchen/dining.

Aww...there's the stairs

In case you were actually pondering our wall color(s)...This shot does include three (yes, 3) different browns. The dark brown is obvious, but there are at least 3 tan colors in the house that are really close, but not...Each room has it's own 'shade'-one more pink/yellow/cream undertone (if comparing to the color of ladies nylons (you know who you are) think suntan, light toast, tan=all about the same, yet different). You should see the number of paint cans there are for the variety of paints used in the house (and there is only one of the greens from the Master left).
Thanks for joining me on my Home Tour
There is still the front of the house, back deck, garage, and oh-so-interesting Man Cave (a literal cave)to explore. But I will show you those when I actually take pictures at a later date.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Home Tour Continued

To continue on our home tour, we head down the hall to the Master Suite.

Like the green striped walls? It's definitely interesting...and a little bit of a messy paint job (been there awhile, I guess).

Across the bed into the closet

Now the Master Bath

Dont be too jealous :)

Double sink, big tub

Itty Bitty tiny corner shower

and lots of tile to clean. (Yes...I did post a picture of our garbage on my blog, I'm not embarrassed-are you?)

Keep in mind, that these pictures were taken before much of our decorating/updating took place. But, we did install the white wood behind all the towel racks/rings. Whoever put them up in the first place did not anchor anything into studs, so everything was loose or not attached.

The Master Suite door faces another stairway

This room (with one blue wall) is another bedroom, but will be my studio as soon as I find a desk to use in the space.

A sneak preview of tomorrow's post:
The view from the 'top' bedroom stairs :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Home Tour

Since we just moved into a 'new to us' place in a 'new to us' state (& state of mind), I thought ya'll might like a little tour. I'm going to spread this out over a couple of days as to not over whelm you with too many pictures.
The front door (from the inside of the house, of course) is the one straight ahead. The hall/shoe/coat closet is the door on the left side.
When you walk into the the door, you arrive in our MUSIC ROOM-which would probably be called a Front Room in any other home...but as you can see, we just store things in here.
We plan to have our musical instruments set up nicely in this room...hence the MUSIC room.

It has a nice large window facing the street. Tan walls.

If you turn to your right from the front door, you can head up the stairs to the bedrooms.

Up these stairs (to the right) is the Guest Bath (which is Widget's bath now). Do you like the Candy Apple Red walls? They are Preston's favorite in the whole house (no joke!).

Right next to the bathroom is Lilly's bedroom. It's a weird shape, but has tall ceilings.

Another big window facing the street.

The small door on the right is her closet. It's a little narrow, but is good for her. We installed a second bar to hang clothes on so she could help hang her own clothes (a chore she loves to do)

Her little book shelf

See the weird little white part above the door? :S That's what we thought. But the ceiling is high, so the room is open and airy. Also, see the bar on the wall?

It has been declared as her BALLET BAR-See, she is posing for you :)

Well...that's it for now. See ya tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blast from the Past

So, these pictures were taken by Preston's aunt quite a while ago. Tasha and I took Lilly to Jillyn's studio (in Idaho) to test out the tutu's I made/traded for family photos earlier in the year. These were taken after Halloween last year (I only remember because the one of them is Lilly's Tinkerbelle costume).

'Pink Princess'

Sometimes Lilly is really sweet during photo sessions

Other times it takes some creativity to make her sit still
(Yes...that is a stuffed *fake* 'coon she is cradling in her arms)
We asked her who she was dressed like. Her reply for this picture, "a feeaaAreeee"
"Are you cute, Lilly?"
So, this pic was super fun (and quite a workout) because I was laying on the ground holding Lilly in the air (my hands on her hip bones) while Tasha and Jillyn tried to get her to 'look at the camera, fly in the air & SMILE." Needless to say, we took a lot of this pose trying to make one 'work.'

This is an awesome display of Jillyn's talent. Doesn't Widget look like she's coming straight out of a Fairytale or something?

We recommend working with Jillyn for your photography needs. She is quite talented, and easy to work with. Check out her website for more examples and contact
*quick edit to add the collage Jillyn made of Lilly for her website: