Friday, September 30, 2011

Master Bath Update

It's actually been about a month since I picked up a few decor pieces for our Master bathroom, but now I'm sorta ready to show you.

So this is what our bathroom looked like after we moved in to the house, and unpacked a few boxes.
Poor blank walls above the tub & toilet...
Behind the toilet there is now a candelabra...thingy. I actually bought this at the DI (a thrift shop like Goodwill, DAV, etc) before our move from Utah and it was already black. SCORE!
I had only found one of my candles in this picture, but about a week later I found some blue/teal lovelies.
Well, now they look like this :) Love love love that color.
Then I put a full length mirror on the wall (diagonal section near the toilet area), but after two attempts at sticking it to the wall, the mirror ended it's short life by jumping to it's doom. (This pic is from my New Hair post here)
I'm actually embarrassed to say that the broken mirror still resides in my bathroom, and the new mirror I bought to replace it is sitting in the family room. I used it to take pictures for my Maxi Makeover post

Anyway...we also have a large tub in one corner of the room-across from the teeny tiny shower. There is enough room around the tub to add a cute little birdcage.
I found those cute little eggs at Michael's craft store. They are actually candles (found the same time as the blue/teal candles).

We also hung our black & white photos (I also got at Michael's a few years back) on the blank wall above the tub-opposite the window.

I also have a smaller birdcage that sits on the counter top between our sinks, but I don't have a picture of it-hopefully at a later date:) It contains two birds I bought at a cookie store in Wichita. No, they are not made out of cookies :( bummer, right?

AND I wanted to tell you of some upcoming posts. I have revived a few crafts from my Craft Graveyard (does that make them Zombie Crafts?)...and added a few new graves, too.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Sorry that this post got put off until the end of they day. I hope you'll enjoy it anyway :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chalk It Up to a 3 Year-Old

Lilly wanted to play outside while I was wielding my spray can, so I grabbed the chalk bucket. She started drawing a few shapes, a couple of people, then she asked me to draw her name.

I really love writing her name...but I thought of another idea. Let's add a Z and make turn a picture of my chalk drawing into a header for my Etsy shop

Lilly helped me add shapes and lines around the shop name, adding more and more color - she thought it was fun, and so did I!

I'll try my hand at 'real' editing for the header, and let you know how it goes.

Lilly had me draw a hopscotch, too.

She drew some sort of seed/plant sprouting thing...or maybe it's a castle with a flag....I asked her what it was, but she didn't really tell me.

Here are her 'sister' & 'a daddy' people on the first cement landing.

There is also a cat thing drawn near by. (Which I did not get a picture of, Sorry!)

Lilly loves chalk, even though it can be messy. I like that I can mix colors and see vibrant dust on an otherwise dull surface. I guess it's a win/win situation:)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Garage Sales Anyone?

More thrifty finds from the local garage sales.

Long rectangle frame $0.25
Beautiful Butterflies $0.25 for the pair :)
Silver flower petal bowl $1

Yeah!!! So beautiful :)

I'm going to use the frame on my gallery wall in the 'music room.' I plan to put a quote on the wall inside the frame-something like "For Eternity" or "All because two people...yada yada"

The silver bowl is getting a facelift, and then joining me in my studio. It will be wonderful on my desk to collect things that, well, need collecting. But it isn't so big that it will be a collect all. Hopefully.

And my pretty butterflies...
I'm a Beautiful Butterfly! I couldn't help myself... Can you guess the movie?
They are going to get a healthy dose of light teal paint, (just to freshen up their current state) then they will grace the wall of my studio. I think they will bring a lovely Spring vibe all year long.
Have I mentioned how much I love a good deal under $1?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Maxi Makeover

So maxi dresses are really REALLY popular everywhere now-a-days. I like me a good maxi, but sometimes it's not as flattering on someone who is pear someone I may or may not know. Anyway, I thought if I made the maxi 'lighter' it would flare out closer to my knees, which would make my hips look 'slimmer' that even a word? And I was hoping to jump on the Fall Boot Bandwagon and it wouldn't work well to have a dress to the floor if I want to show off them boots, ya know?!?
This dress is lllooooonngggg....I'm standing on my tip-toes here. And the dress is still skimming the floor.
This maxi is actually not a regular maxi...
The front is longer than the back (hey, you buy what's on sale right?), which means I stepped on it all.the.time.
Do you like my bedspread? My mom-in-law made it :)
So I got my scissors out-
And I started cutting away. It was fairly easy, especially since I could follow the straight line of the stripes-EasyPeasy, right?
Now I have two pieces :)
Hey look, my dress matches my walls in my bedroom!!!
So what should we do with our secondary piece of fabric, ya'll?
Make an infinity scarf, of course!
I was telling my husband just how goofy I feel when I take pics of's hard enough to take a good picture, but even worse of yourself in the mirror. If you've tried it, you'd know.
This ended up being an awesome picture, though...if I do say so myself :)
So what does the dress look like now?
(btw, I took these last photos at Dillard's in the men's suit dressing room) Pump up the style factor with accessories! Chunky necklace, big mom bag, shiny shoes & sparkly earrings...Oh, & don't forget a Widget!
I didn't cut the dress quite as short as I wanted to because I'm not sure if I want to finish the edge. If I finish the edge, it would shorten the dress, so I have room to play (so many options).
Total Outfit:
Dress- Kohl's around $12 but I only paid about $2 (I used a $10 reward thing they sent me in the mail)
Bag- $0.75-that's right, 75 cents at a garage sale (I think it's a gift with purchase bag from a make-up company)
Shoes- Kohl's. I do not remember the price (bought them last Spring)
Earrings- Surf Naked, yeah you read that right:) It's a friend of mine from Utah, I traded with her for some of my jewelry/shirts-so kinda free...
Necklace- Paparazzi $5 (everything from Paparazzi is just $5), a new friend of mine just started selling-you may know her from Sugar Bee Crafts
Widget- too expensive to put a tag on, but a LOT of work

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Wrap-up

Saturday before Labor Day, we headed to the Kansas City Zoo.
We joined Preston's Aunt M, Uncle Lee & Cousin Kenna (she & Lilly like to play, lots).
Kenna has a HUGE love for sea creatures. So we just had to catch the Sea Lion show!
The girls had a hard time looking over/through the fence, so we decided the cooler would be a great solution :)
Then we took a ride (or two) on the Carousel.
Of course we saw more live animals-you know, verses the plastic kind...
Then it started pouring rain :(
So we took cover under a lean to (spelling?) in between a service building and bathroom 'house'.
We ate cookies
"Mommy can't see me if I pretend to be asleep!"
Preston being goofy...
Then the rain stopped, so we moved right along.
More 'fake' animals
Big ugly tooth-ed animals-
(One of those lovely ladies was born on Labor Day, and her name IS Labor Day...a little unfortunate, but I heard they were making a cake for her Bday) Funny shell-ed creatures-
Territorial mammals-
A little girl KISSING a lion (statue)...
A bigger shell-ed thing
'Train ride' (Zebra stripes on a motor vehicle with many 'cars')
Preston showing the girls a map of the zoo
M&Lee making new friends a few rows back
What is it with little girlies and statues? Anyone?
The main attraction (not to be confused with the Mane attraction)...THE POLAR BEAR!
No paws about it...
And the clan...(please keep in mind that this was a rather spur of the moment trip-just throw on tennis shoes & go-and we had been in some awesome precipitation earlier in the day)
Also, a shot of me sporting my one and only Utah State University hat! Since I've realized I get really REALLY sick when in the sun(light) for any period of time, I must wear a hat to reduce my 'exposure.' I do need a wide-brim hat for future outings, but it's kind of hard to find one that doesn't look like I'm attending an English Tea Party (with royalty no less)...
Now onto the actual Monday Madness...which was really just me dragging Aunt M & Kenna shopping in downtown Kansas City (well, closer to downtown...) This is an outdoor shopping center, near a canal (which we walked down by the water, too) and some interesting fountains-
And yes, I would not let my child out of her stroller...even for these pictures. I admit I'm a mean mommy
I told Kenna she could pick one stuffed animal from my whole stinkin' box of stuffed animals, and she picked this awesome Elephant that makes realistic Elephant sounds (you know, not the fake kind?)...but wait, who is holding the awesome Elephant in the picture???