Monday, October 31, 2011

The ultimate Ultimatum

Trick or Treat? Does it really matter-as long as something sweet is comin' your way?

Bring on the pumpkins and ghosts!....I mean Hot Chocolate. Ooowo Owooooo....(my attempt at scary oo-ing)
Is anyone else in love with the movie Monsters vs. Aliens?
What's your name?
No, what do the people scream when they see you coming?
SSssaUssannnn! Oo, I even scared myself!
Anyway... I thought of this specific idea last night, at about 10 11:30 pm. I almost didn't write it down, but I know I would have forgotten I thought better. It's nice to have a note pad and pen on my side table...

So here is my mini tutorial on how to make an interesting/funny trick-or-treat item to pass out.

1. You go to a dollar store (or other grocery store)
2. Purchase Hot Chocolate that comes in packets (any brand)
3. Take it home-or this can be done in a car
4. Open packages and pull our your favorite black marker

5. Make sure packets are cut apart nicely-I always hate it when I rip the packets apart and one starts leaking it's contents
6. Draw faces on individual packets to resemble Jack-o-Lanterns or Ghosts

7. Take time to admire your work
8. Use 'stick' like candy to create pumpkin stems or ghost 'legs' (making ghosts to look like Trick-or-Treaters...hence the legs). You can use any type of tape to attach candy to back of packet.

9. Add to your favorite container for kids to reach in and pick one-then sit back and wait for those ghouls, witches, princesses, Ironmans, batmans, etc. to come a knockin'

I believe I would have liked to receive these as a treat when I was young enough to I hope other kids do, too! OR OR OR...maybe you could draw snowman faces and use pixie sticks or pretzels to make arms & licorice or something 'rope-like' to make a scarf!

Oh, and if you want a really cheap/quick Trick-or-Treat bucket that can't carry a lot of candy isn't too deep...pick up one of these wonderful shallow buckets in the $1 section at Target.

I used some scrap black vinyl (but paper or stickers or felt or craft foam could be used) to make a Jack-o-Lantern face, then attached it to the pink bucket.

When the bucket is full (which shouldn't take too long) we can be done wandering around the neighborhood! Yay for ingenuity!!! And, any kind of face would be fun--even a snowman or Santa :)

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Church Halloween Party

Good food, friends & pumpkin desserts. Then a Trunk-or-Treat. It was so much fun!
Waiting to eat doughnuts off a string...

She wanted a doughnut, but wasn't 'brave' enough to try eating one off a string :)
Al Capone...actually, this is Benji-he mowed our lawn this summer.

Static Cling...I've never seen this costume done this way-super creative.
Now for some games!
The cupcake walk...

And then we went Trunk-or-Treating (no pictures).

A few days later, our playgroup had a Halloween party. Lilly is wearing a Ghosty shirt I made her, and she had a princess 'cone' hat, sequin tiara, pink fairy wings, and holding a wand.

As soon as I pulled out the camera, the costume was no pictures...again...

This is Lilly eating snacks/lunch next to some new friends. See her lovely grimace? She REALLY isn't into sharing right now-she gets in trouble a lot we're working on that...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloweens Past

I thought it would be fun to show you all of Widget's Halloween costumes over the years...and it's easy for me because she hasn't had that many Halloweens:)

Pink Skeleton

Still so tiny at about 7 months

and standing while holding onto something :)

She was obsessed with our pumpkins

She was actually dressed up as an elf (like Lord of the Rings style) for her daddy's work party...but did mom get a picture of that????

Little did we know that she would pose like this (with her hands across her belly) for most pictures in her life

Tinker Bell!

I loved doing her hair in mini braids, then sweeping it back into a high pony-she felt like Tinker Bell

Posing with her Aunt Tash at a party

A Ballerina...what else?

'I don't really want to pose for a picture right now, mom!'
Lots and lots of villains to look CUTE in front of...
Our Church party this year, she decided she would be a witch...not if only she was brave enough to eat a doughnut off a string?

I drew a little beauty mark on her cheek to make her a 'Pretty Witch'

The cupcake walk, check out the serious face!

She also dressed up as a 'fairy princess' for a playgroup party, but by the time I got my camera out she had dismantled the no show..

Now if only she would decide what she'd be for Trick-or-Treating, I'd be a happy momma (who am I kidding, if I had that many options, I wouldn't decide either)!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

FYN Inventory Part III

Okay, now onto the necklace portion of the Feather Your Nest inventory segment :)

Reversible to this-


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