Saturday, January 21, 2012

Babysitting or Playtime?

My daughter doesn't think she has to be babysat...I know, she's only three years old...nope, we only get other 'big girls' to come play with her for a few hours (without Mommy and Daddy). Apparently that is how her mind views the world-we're all almost equal :)

Last weekend, the Hubby and I went on a date. We had one of our regular babysitters come over. Luckily she is a hands-on gal who gets down-and-dirty with Widget...and Widge just loves her! They sat outside (in the cold) and used the sidewalk chalk to beautify our back landing. I got pictures of the ART the next day.

This babysitter also helped Widget with her first boy crush. When the boy in question (Ben) came over to mow our lawn-the babysitter let Widge eat dinner outside (to watch Ben work around the yard). Keep in mind Ben is only twelve. Actually, I think he had a crush on the babysitter :) (who is 16).

I appreciate great babysitters- the responsibility they hold along with their love for my child is AWESOME! Do you have a go-to babysitter-or two?

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