Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What are your issues?

Once upon a time I worked at a little place called JCPenney Portraits. In one particular photography session (parents and one small toddler) the toddler started throwing fits. This action is pretty normal for children of any age, at least in my experience. But the best part of the whole experience…the parents response, of course. The mom turned the child around (to face her and the dad instead of the camera) and asked, in a slightly agitated voice, "What are your issues?"

I remember being elated upon hearing this…we all know that children grow up with some sort of issue(s), but I had never heard someone ask a child so young to elaborate on the matter. I told my husband (boyfriend at the time) all about it when I got off of work. We had a good laugh.

Needless to say, this experience made an impression on me-a BIG one…I mean I now ask my child (albeit occasionally) what her issues are-mostly meaning the current issues. I don't really feel like hearing everything I did not so right that day, just sayin! I've probably already corrupted my child into asking her children the very same question down the road.

So, you are probably asking why I'm telling you this story-besides the humor aspect. Well, I am just going to say it…er, type it: I HAVE ISSUES!

Without giving you my life's story, there was this one time…just kidding! I actually mean computer issues…hehehe :)

So I am currently posting from my phone-so I am limited on my pictures. Please bear with me for a few days-hopefully it won't even take that long.

I do, however, have a little gem to show you. I had forgotten that I'd taken this picture until I had to reformat my phone the other night (losing all my apps

Anyway, enjoy the awesomeness.
Let's let our daughters create the perfect boyfriend who says everything you could possibly want him to say - using your exact words, no less. I give you Ken:

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