Saturday, February 25, 2012

Double Braids

I saw this tutorial from The Letter 4 for Nae's "How's it hangin' braid." I tried it a couple of times in my own hair, just like she shows...but mine didn't look quite as good. But I wanted to try a few different braids in Widget's hair since it's long and I can see the back of her head (unlike my own). I figured a braid around the front of her head would be bothersome for Widge, so I decided to go around the back.

 I had just given Widget a hair cut the day before this hair-do, and you can tell there are shorter pieces sticking out from the braid near the right side of her head. But overall I thought it was really pretty. 

Do you know what Widget said? "I need TWO braids, Mommy...why don't I have two braids (said while holding up two fingers in a 'peace' sign)." I told her I can give her a second braid if she held really still while Mommy fixed her hair. It was a bit of a battle, but we finally got two braids...see:

After finishing the second braid, she then proceeded to tell me how THREE braids would be better-er (a very Widget thing to say). I decided I had enough fighting struggling with her wiggly nature to put another braid in her hair. BUT, I would take pictures of her 'new hair' if she smiled...
 A close-up of the two braids...using the 'one sided' french braid technique for both braids (you only add hair on one side of the french braid).
 Such a happy face :)

 Mommy is all done! Yay!!!

Have you tried any 'new' or fun hair styles lately???
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