Friday, February 17, 2012

Faithful Friday

So this week has been very very interesting. I had my post-op appointment at the beginning of this week and found out a few more details from my surgery...not necessarily good but I can be okay with it now, but I would have buckled (fallen apart emotionally) if told the information right after surgery...or even a week ago.

It is truly a tender mercy from the Lord to have had such information given to me at the right time in my life. I am very grateful for the time frame that things have happened to me, throughout my life...I didn't say I was happy with the news of my surgery, or every other experience I've been through.

But I can happily say I like myself and appreciate every experience in my life that made me who I am today.

Can I be a better ME, Oh.yes.I.can! But it's a process for sure. A long and painful process...a glorious and beautiful process that we have been given-a gift from our Father in Heaven.

I know you are probably wondering what my news was...and with out giving you too much information or awkwardness I will tell you: I can still have children-surgery did not severely hinder my ability to be able to get pregnant. And I am healthy, although still recovering, and my quality of life is the same as before...maybe even better because through this trial I have found a stronger faith and love of my Savior and Father in Heaven.

I am also grateful for my stalkers/followers and anyone who is willing to read my blog for inspiration of any kind. You all rock my world!

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