Thursday, February 23, 2012

Faithful Friday

I hope your week has been productive-mine was, maybe not quite how I hoped it would be but still good.

I had a church activity last night, that I helped plan, which also did not turn out like I expected…we were going to have a guest speaker (who was once an undercover cop) speak to us about protection against identity theft but he came down with the flu. We had also scheduled a lady from our ward to talk about protecting our spiritual identity. She gladly took up more time (to fill the meeting), then we served vanilla ice-cream and 'thumb print' cookies with multiple options for filling/topping.

The lady who spoke last night shared a handful of profound thoughts on the subject of FAITH- and one stuck with me particularly: "...the Lord will never remove our burdens (trials), but he can make them light." I believe this to true in my life.

Obviously I didn't want to go through an ectopic pregnancy or surgery; however, my Heavenly Father would never spare me from growing as an individual or from strengthening my testimony of our Savior. The Lord did 'lighten' my emotional burden-once I let Him-and gave me several tender mercies since that experience. I now feel the load, that was once weighing me down to the point of almost not functioning in society or at home, being lifted. This has given me a sense of peace and comfort from day to day, and gratitude for what I DO have and those I have to love.

I often wonder what makes us try to do things without guidance or support from our Father in Heaven…most likely pride-we feel the need to try/do things on our own, to show our independence. But we fall prey to depression and loss of our true potential-if we do not have trust and faith in the Lord, then we are setting ourselves up to fail.

I am grateful for the opportunity to know my Heavenly Father and to have faith in my life. It has made me a better spouse, parent, friend and person because I have been given a wonderful example through Jesus Christ, our Savior, and if I follow His example and utilize the vast blessings I have been given, I can return to live with God again. This testimony means a lot to me, and I enjoy teaching my daughter about my faith as well.

And, because I don't want to leave you without a picture…here is a sneak peek at an up coming post. Can you guess what I'm going to show y'all?

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