Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I {Heart} Today

 Happy Valentine's Day y'all!

When we got home from our trip last week, this cute pink shirt was waiting for us in the mailbox. Aunt Jayn made it for Widget...isn't so cute you could eat it up? Or at least stare longingly at it?

I wasn't there when she made it, but I think she used a doily (probably paper) as a stencil on the shirt and fabric paint to create the cute heart design. The Tinkerbelle sticker has nothing to do with the shirt, or Valentine's Day, but Widget thought it to be very fashionable...you know how girls can be :) She also grabbed a ribbon necklace from my jewelry box and then decided it needed something extra-so I found a fabric covered bead in my stash and strung it onto the ribbon...voila!

As a 'special treat,' I let Widget play with a few of my barbie dolls before taking naps. We had a number of Princesses out, but after a few minutes Widge turned to me and said, "Mommy...we need some prince-es...not prinCess-es...but prince...es..." I thought it rather entertaining that she was having a hard time making the words sound different from each other...even though they do sound almost the same. Did anyone else think that was a funny coincidence when you were younger and into Princesses and Princes?...or maybe that's just me...

Anyway, I got some Princes out (and made sure they were dressed appropriately, since Widget had put two of them in pink Barbie robes-with nothing underneath the robes-the last time she played with them) and we made sure each Princess had a Prince (or is it vice versa?).

I gave her some conversation hearts for her dessert after lunch. We decided they would be the perfect size for the Kens Princes to give to the girls Princesses. As you can see in the above picture, she laid a heart next to each of their heads and created playful conversations between the dolls...most of which were too quiet for me to hear or had nothing to do with the Valentine's.

The 'conversations' on the hearts where not very romantic-at least the hearts that Widget ended up with...but she did get a good one:

Until tomorrow...


  1. Thanks LOTS for stopping by! I'm happy to be your newest follower!!! I'm excited to explore your blog!!! Happy Valentine's to you! XO, Aimee

    1. Aimee! I love new stalkers!!! Glad to have you :)


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