Monday, February 20, 2012

Under Table City

Z came over to play with Widget the other day, and he brought a bunch of cars and foam block/animals too. The kids asked me to create roads like I did before (this post), but I couldn't find my trusty roll of I improvised!
 Out came the good 'ole painter's tape...this time in blue :)

And since I expected it to be out for awhile, I decided to locate this tiny city under out dinning table.
As you can see there are no lines on the road...because traffic laws have not yet been established :)
However, there is one stop light in the entire area...and it just happens to be the only 4-way intersection.
A view of the city from across the kitchen.
I put these together during nap time-it was quite enjoyable, as you can probably tell by my details.

I really had fun with all the details, and having peace and quiet while taking pictures.

The kids were excited once they got up from their naps, but it didn't take long for them to lose interest...and then when the kids gained back their interest, it was time to start picking up Z's toys. And, Widget took that as a sign for total destruction-which means that the city I beautiful city lasted a total of 2.5 hours with a max of 25 minutes play time (not including my own). The kitchen is left with my 'farm' area and the outer tape square...that is all.

Oh well, I guess I am still the adult and shouldn't feel bad for the 'loss'...I mean, I did get some awesome playtime alone with this amazing city. I guess it was well worth my time---if only for me :)

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