Thursday, March 15, 2012

Doll Clothing=Mini Sewing

I have an American Girl Doll (made to 'look like me'). I got it when I was around 14-15 years old. Widget thinks she is beautiful, so I've let her play with the doll. For Widget's birthday, I planned to make them matching princess (dress-up) dresses---however, I did not find any patterns I liked for both Widge and the doll that match, so I've been making other things instead.

I did start sewing some regular clothes for the doll, since she only owned two outfits (the original clothes she came in/with). I made a dress out of the same material I used to make leggings for Widget.

 I have yet to add the velcro in the back of the dress, but the doll is wearing her new dress proudly!
Even though her tights do not match her new dress (at all), it still made a cute outfit. Widget 'caught' me sewing this dress, so she apparently could not wait to use it. But I still have a few surprises up my sleeve for the doll (as Widget's birthday present)...including an ugly lime green and pink flower knit t-shirt and possibly a dress or two from my recent ebay purchase:
Simplicity 5705 Disney Princess Costumes for 18" Dolls
I think Widget will be thrilled when I crank out one of these cuties...when being the operative term here.

I have enjoyed sewing for the doll. I'm learning a few new things about garment construction, working with knit, and that sewing clothing is not instantaneous (even though I wish it was)...I remind myself this fact every time I sit down at my wonderful machine. Maybe this will be good practice for me since I would like to be able to sew more things than appliques, elasticized skirts, and the occasional straight stitch quilt (which I'm still learning how to do, too).

Have you ever made doll clothing? With your sewing machine? Which designers/patterns are your favorite to work with?

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