Sunday, March 11, 2012

Faithful Friday

I soooo missed my Faithful Friday post, which should have posted on March 9...shame on me :(
I decided to post anyway, even if it's not actually Friday.

I've still been chuggin' away through life-feeling like I'm living day to day with exhaustion. My artistic muse has been else where...I think...on vacation while I huff & puff through daily trials. Paying bills and making peanut butter sandwiches has consumed my foreseeable routine and I lost site of the spiritual aspects that I've been trying to strengthen.

Since falling off the New Year's Resolution band wagon, I've suffered lack of motivation and energy. I know when I focus on my faith and serving others, I have more energy to 'do' all the other things in life. If I put the most important things first, all the less important or small things will fit through the cracks...think about a jar with ping-pong balls in it, then sand poured over the contents (ping-pong balls=most important and the sand=less important). If you try filling the jar with sand first, the ping pong balls wont fit.

Anyway, I'm planning to jump back onto the band wagon. I'll report next week...on Friday-most likely :)

Thanks for reading!

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