Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I am insane!

Along with decorating the house with lots of rainbow-e stuff, I also made cupcakes. I knew I'd seen rainbow cupcakes around blogland before...but I'm lazy (remember?) and I do not have a pinterest account (I know...shame on me, right?) so I figured I already knew enough about what I was doing to get the job done.

Luckily, I did make edible rainbow cupcakes! But I would probably never make them the same way...ever.again.

Start with a box of cake mix. Mix the ingredients together (follow instructions on the box).

 After batter is well mixed, separate into smaller quantities. I used regular food coloring to make yellow, blue, red/dark pink, green, and purple.

 Pour batter into paper lined cupcake trays, using a small measuring spoon (or pastry bag). Layer colors in each cup-this is where I wished I had used regular sized cupcake trays/papers because the minis where really hard to put a number of colors into each cup-without over filling it.

batter before cooked

 After baking, let cool completely-then frost. I like to spoon my canned frosting into a ziploc bag, snip a bottom corner, the squeeze the frosting on the cupcake like you were using a pastry bag.

 I used cream cheese frosting (my favorite). After icing all 40 cupcakes (a few were eaten before this step), I sprinkled blue and purple pixi-stix onto each cupcake, then placed them on my cake stands. The two tier stand is actually two one tiered cake stands stacked one on the other. The small cake stand/plate has three little feet to make it stand off the table a bit, and I found most of these stands at a thrift store just after Widget was born (3.5-4 years ago).
 The hubby and his cousin, Cousin Kenna, enjoying the mini cupcakes.

I did mention that each cupcake is a rainbow, right? Well check out the varieties:
 Top to bottom: yellow, green, blue, purple.
 Top to bottom: pink, blue, smidge of green, pink
 Top to bottom: another yellow, green, blue, purple beauty.

I do have to tell you that while making these little cakes, my daughter (the birthday girl) was watching me...and after a few minutes of layering batter into tiny cups,  she says, "Mommy, you are doing too much!" Bless her little heart...she was so very right-and she would have been fine if I made every cupcake pink in color (and even happier if the frosting was purple).

Oh the things we do for our kids...even if they could care less.
 Truly, I must be insane!

How about you? What crazy things have you done for your child's/spouse's birthday?

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  1. They look like they would be fun to make! I have been debating whether or not to try something like this:)

    1. It was fun...and time consuming :) I'd try the regular size cupcakes instead of the minis, though:)
      Good luck in your cupcake making!


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