Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A-maze-ing Techniques

 While at the check-out stand at Target, we picked up an advertisement for an egg hunt. On the back of the invite was this fun maze. Widget was super excited to color it.
 One morning while I was still in bed, she completed her maze and was super excited to show me her handy work. At first I thought she'd just drawn random lines around the printed maze, but at closer inspection I noticed something...
 She actually finished the maze! And stayed in the lines for the most part :) I traced her route in gray below. Obviously it's difficult to draw straight lines with crayon or the paint tool on the computer.
 Later in the day she pointed out that the 'good line' was the one that made it all the way through the maze, and the 'bad line' didn't-a very astoot obsveration.

My absolute favorite part of her technique...the lazy corner:
See the lazy corner? She crossed the line (only a little bit before the opening) got turned around and just circled herself back out of the 'trap'. I think she correctly speed up the process...don't you?

What maze techniques do you have to share???

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