Monday, March 19, 2012

Some Where Over the Rainbow...

It was a crazy busy week and weekend (last week), but Widget's party went off without a hitch...although we only celebrated with family, and they'll forgive you for almost everything...right?

As you probably guessed, I utilized our Rainbow theme to pretty much the full extent: crepe paper streamers, paper fans, tissue paper flowers, ruffled crepe rainbow, wall art, leg warmers, cupcakes, candles, pasta salad, presents...I think that's about it.

Here are a few shots of the party-

Dining room chandelier with paper fans. I bought all the paper fans inexpensively from Party City.
 Many many colors of crepe paper used around the house...
 including the 'end of the rainbow' (I ran out of tape, so I couldn't make my purple ruffles any longer)
 Crepe paper twists along the kitchen cabinets and tissue paper flowers here and there
A rainbow for the Gallery added greatly to the St. Patrick's Day decor :)
 Widget distracted while eating her meal of choice: tater tot casserole.
 I also made classic pasta salad (with green, orange and 'white' noodles, red peppers, black olives, etc.)
 At the 'end of the rainbow' there was truly a pot of gold (all the presents and cards)! And a dolly, of course (not a present, but a well loved toy that was received gifts that day as well).
 The mini rainbow cupcakes. The frosting is cream cheese and white, but my picture color is a little off
 Opening presents. Grandma made a night gown, among other clothing, for Widgets well loved doll.
 Here is where Daddy wanted to help. As you can tell by my face, I didn't think he really had the qualifications to help in that situation...
 Opening a present from Mommy and Daddy-you can tell it's from us because it is wrapped in a shiny/foil paper and tied with random ribbon from my stash-both telltale signs.
 Helping Widge 'read' the birthday card.
 Cousin Kenna watching Widget rip the pretty paper. Notice Widget's rainbow leg warmers? I made those from dollar store socks...I am pretty proud of my self, actually.
And the grand finally, blowing out the candles (then eating the cupcakes, of course)! I'll share more about the cupcakes tomorrow.

I hope you had a good weekend and St Patty's Day-did you celebrate with rainbows, too?

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