Wednesday, March 14, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Decor

I have decorated for the up-coming holiday, however, not as much as I'd like to have...but I do have decorations going up tomorrow for Widget's birthday party (I'm more excited than she is about the theme, I think) so I didn't put too much effort into making the house more Green. And, I still have my Valentine's stuff up on the mantle-hanging hearts and everything...maybe I should change that before the party, too?

Anyway, I'm excited to show you my first attempt at paper quilling!
Using strips of paper cut about 1/2 inch wide and some toothpicks, I created this lovely St. Patrick's inspired art (to hang on the Gallery Wall). I just rolled the strips on the toothpick, on both ends, and the used a glue stick to attach multiple rolls together. Did I look up instructions--umm, nope! Winging it is what I do best more often than not all the time!

I tried shamrocks and letters...letters take a lot of pre-planning because you want the rolled part of the paper going the right direction. My first attempt at the 'L' looked a little too much like an 'S', I guess, because my sweet hubby looked at it, then asked why it said 'sucky'....craft fail (why don't I just use the 'L' that seems to be on my forehead, huh bucko?-j/k, I love that man anyway....) Good thing it's kinda hard to attach the paper rolls to the backing paper; if you play with the rolls too much they just fall off. So I just popped the supposed 'S' off the paper, put a kink in it, and viola! Now it definitely says 'Lucky'.... 

Also notice (picture below) that this art is the only thing hanging in my frame that has spots for 3 total pictures-in my defense, I couldn't find my existing St. Patrick's Day decor (include foil shamrocks and gold coins) since the hubby made me clean my studio...and I haven't made any more time to make any more items due to the hubby being out-of-town while his little brother is visiting us leaving me to entertain (let's just blame everything on the hubby :) me not cooking dinner, Widget sticking imaginary boogers in her belly button, and Global Warming-all his fault I'm sure!)

For those of you that may be concerned about my relationship with my hubby: We truly love each other! He is honest about if an outfit does not flatter my figure (but knows I may just way it anyway) and I make him do chores almost every day he is actually home. I love that man dearly, and he knows it...sarcasm is just one of the many ways I show my love for him...which I actually learned from him and his side of the family, btw. There are no secrets on my blog (meaning anything I wouldn't want him to know about) especially since he reads my blog while he's away from home. So he knows what's going on :)

How much decorating do you do for St Patrick's Day?

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