Thursday, March 22, 2012

Third Thursdays with Tash

Hey y'all! I know today isn't actually the third Thursday of the month (the 4th actually), but both Tash and I let life get ahead of us...or is it behind us?...

This is a new series on the blog: Third Thursdays with Tash
My sister-in-law, Tash, will post something creative every third Thursday of each month (if we can read a calendar once in a while). I'll let her introduce herself:

Hello everybody! I’m sister-in-law Tash from California. Don’t feel jealous, it’s not the California you see in the movies. Well actually you do see it in movies; it’s called Planet of the Apes, and the first Superman movie. Basically I live in the part of California that Lex Luther bought for really cheap. If Lex Luther ever succeeds in his dastardly plan, I will have beach front property! I’m very excited to be with you every month sharing my own crafty things.

This month I decided to grow a garden with my green thumb. Then I remembered that the desert is not kind to gardeners and I have no idea how green my thumb really is. So I decided to make an herb garden in my kitchen window. You can make one too!

Start with a container to plant you seeds in. I have been hording saving my pasta sauce jars...just waiting for a chance to use them. So I used them! I like growing plants in glass jars. Something about seeing the roots makes me happy.

Fill it with some soil (I found the bag of soil for only a dollar--Yes!) and then plant the seeds.  At this point you’re technically done. But let us be honest, girls like to make things look cuter, or nicer, or both. So let’s make a label! Here is a handy dandy printable if you want one, or feel free to make your own.
If you would like the pdf version of the labels, leave a comment below. Please make sure to leave an email address in the comment; can be typed apples(dot)oranges(at), etc.

Trace the tag outline onto the back of your paper and cut them out. Also cut out your labels. Be careful with those tiny points, it’s really easy to cut them off!

Glue the label to the tag. You will probably notice that the tag is rather long. I made it to fit rosemary. You will need to shorten the tag for your other herbs. If you want, trace around the edges with ink so you don’t have a white line. I used my husband’s huge sharpie. Oh, you might want to make a hole too, just a thought. ;)

If you want to water proof them, laminate them with some clear contact or even packing tape. I chose to coat mine in Mod Podge. I don’t suggest putting on as thick or a coat as I did on the Parsley tag. It got stuck to another piece of paper and well… There’s a reason Parsley didn’t get a close up when all completed.

Find some yarn, twine, ribbon, or raffia would look pretty too. Tie the label on to your brand new herb garden. Now patiently wait for Mother Nature to do her thing and make that jar look better than a jar of dirt.

See! One week later basil and parsley look awesome. Still waiting for rosemary to sprout, she’s a little shy.

Have fun with your own gardens. See you next month!

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  1. This is so cool! I'd love for you to link this up in Mommy Solutions! So fun!


  2. What a great idea! I've never thought of using jars. You'll have to post an update next month. :)
    Thanks for linking up with Creative Me! See you next week.


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