Monday, March 26, 2012

The Widget

Back when I was recovering from surgery, a good friend of mine kept Widget at her house (where there was two fun girl friends to play with). While Widget was there, Mandy took a few pictures. Boy is my girl goofy!

 Yep! A goofy girl for sure-even in a swimsuit (in January no less) and with poptart on her face :)

And since she turned 4 this past week, here are a few things she is doing now:
-loves writing letters and numbers, even if she does not know all their names or correct order
-can write her own name beautifully, and without prompting
-loves to accessorize, bright colored shoes are her most favorite thing in the world (I think she must get this from me...cherry red patent leather stilettos anyone?)

-asks anatomical questions like, "do sheep have cheeks, mommy?" "do stars have butts?" "we walk on two legs, right mommy?" and the occasional unmentionable questions pertaining to body hair

-she adores her second-cousin Kenna who lives near by
-pink and purple are now her favorite color (singular: apparently one does not exist without the other)
-her favorite princess is currently Cinderella...maybe because she only has a Cinderella dress in her dress-up stash
-she sings in the car (among other places) making up songs as she goes-each song usually contains the word "never" for some reason...maybe it's just so fun to sing it out loud

-we are learning Spanish, and Widget thinks she is so clever because she'll make-up words like "kliffca" or "comsa" and say, "see mommy, I'm speaking Spanish!"
-she loves shopping, as long as we are looking for things that she likes or that are in her size
-she requests macaroni and cheese for every.single.meal almost every day
-she can't get enough go-gurt (yogurt in a tube)
-chocolate milk is the only drink she will order at a restaurant

-dress-up is her favorite 'game' to play when she has friends over...even Z (who only wears the pirate hat, no matter what he is pretending to be) can be found coerced into a game of dress-up
-Widget realizes I can sew (a little) so she requests projects for her dolls and herself frequently-and expects the items to materialize instantly. because the items do not materialize instantly, I can usually dissuade her from 90% of her wants (lucky me!)
- I have now started calling her Bub, along with Widget (of course), goof, and goo (like g-ewww)...don't ask me why :)
-her giggles are hilarious-especially the low rumble-y one that happens when I tickle/kiss under her chin or on her neck
-mommy and daddy love her dearly!

How was your weekend?


  1. She looks so grown up in those pictures!

  2. She is growing up so much! Someday you'll look back fondly at this post and be glad you wrote all those things down that tend to get forgotten :)


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