Monday, April 23, 2012

Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Remember in this Post, I made chicken freezer marinades? Well...I'm ashamed to say it took me this long, but I finally used my first marinated chicken in a recipe----

I used the Honey Mustard Chicken marinade to make bite-sized Bacon Wrapped Chicken! If you cannot stand the look of raw chicken, look away now.

I started the defrosting of the chicken with the microwave, but also let it defrost on it's own for a couple of hours. Having the chicken already frozen in the marinade made this meal really easy to prepare without any extra steps. And, since the chicken marinated while defrosting, it stayed moist and tender-which makes for great Bacon Wrapped Chicken :)
 I pulled out the chicken breasts on to a cutting board (I only used about 2.5 chicken breasts in this particular marinade-which was plenty to eat between the three of us),
 then I cut the chicken breasts into 'just larger than bight-size' pieces (chicken tends to 'cook down' a bit),
after, I wrapped about a quarter strip of bacon (also raw) around the chicken piece and secured each piece of bacon with a tooth pic.

We used our George Foreman table top grill to grill these puppies up quick- and once cooked, the Bacon Wrapped Chicken was gone lick-ity-split....much faster than I could grab my camera...but they were super-SUPER-good.

Have you tried freezer marinading yet? Have you made bite-size Bacon Wrapped Chicken before? Do you use a special marinade or sauce?

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