Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Curtains in the Bathroom?

I've never been one to really want to deal with curtains in the bathroom, but I found some beautiful sage green sheer curtains on the clearance shelf while window shopping (no pun intended), and thought this might be a good time to take a chance.

When I got the curtains home and hung on the curtain rod, I decided they were a little long for my window (especially since it's the window that overlooks the huge garden tub in my Master Bathroom). I thought for a minute (picture Winnie the Pooh tapping his head with a serious expression on his face), then I came to the conclusion that 'tying' the curtains back would make the curtains not hang so low (or give the illusion of 'shortening' the hem up a bit). The other option was to shorten the hem myself, using my wonderful sewing machine, but that sounded like too much work. *sorry for the quality of the pictures, it is quite difficult to take great pictures when your window is being back lit from the outside...

 Notice the lovely drape covering up my pretty bird cage sitting at the corner of the bath?

I grabbed some felt lace (bought on a spool from Michael's for probably a $1-already in my stash) and some push pins.
 I measured out the lace so each piece would be the same size.

I then pulled the curtains to each side, wrapping the lace around the fabric, and used the push pins to secure it to the wall. I made a number of small-ish holes in the wall, trying to find the right placement of the ties in relation to the curtain draping.
 But I really didn't like the effect it had on my birdcage. At this point, I almost scrapped the entire project.
But, I already spent the money on the curtains, and was way too lazy to take them off the rod and fold them up nicely (to put back into their packages), so I thought I would try something else. I decided to secure the lace a little higher on the wall...maybe that might raise the hem up a little?
 Not really, and I still didn't like the look. Argghhh! I walked away from the tragedy, to my studio/craft room, to think about something else for a minute...
 And, WHAM...I got this amazing idea to grab a couple of straight pins and attach the lace to/around the curtains but not the wall. I ran down back to my bathroom, and like a whirlwind, grabbed.pinned.pulled.aligned. and viola! I think I kinda like it.
It does not change the length of the curtain any, but it does pull the excess away from the birdcage. And, when we decide to take a bath, I can just tuck the ends of the curtains under the bottom of the plastic blinds-thus the curtains do not hang below the window sill, until I let them down again.

Even my hubby thought it looked nice---and he rarely notices curtains in any room :)

How about you, have you tried something with your home decor that you never thought you'd like?

Let Birds Fly

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