Friday, April 27, 2012

Faithful Friday

Have you ever wondered what Heavenly Father sees when he looks at you?

Sometimes, I feel less than loved...not from God, but from myself. I feel like laying down (metaphorically) and giving up...I may even pray to to feel less, or more, depending on the day.

But, eventually, an overwhelming rush of admiration and support surrounds me. Kind of like someone drawing a circle of chalk around my body, filling the space with warm hugs :) This 'chalk' circle outlines who I am, what I can become, and reminds me that I have been created in God's image as an individual. And that I am loved.

I enjoyed watching these two little people play together. The innocence of children and their innate sense of worth has always fascinated me-why do we lose sight of ourselves? Our divine nature and great worth?

I had traced Widget moments before these pictures, but she continued to trace anyone else she could convince to lay on the concrete, showing them love and support by encircling their bodies in their own 'little bubble'...followed by great enthusiasm, giggles and creativity---All traits of our Heavenly Father (I believe him to be a personal cheer leader, have an enjoyable sense of humor and hold the title of Master Artist).

Do you know that you are a child of God? I know I am, and I know you are too! I just have to remember that I am loved, and not alone, even when I feel a little down. Hope your weekend is filled with smiles, warm hugs, and gushy sentiments!

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