Thursday, April 5, 2012

Freezer Meat Marinade Prep

I found some great deals on chicken and ground beef last week, so I snatched up some meat to add to our stuffed full freezer. Now I just need to use said meat to make delicious, healthy meals for my family...

I grabbed all the stuff I needed for marinades, and some plastic bags that snap shut...then went to town (metaphorically of course)
Did you know that if you freeze your meat in a marinade, it makes your meat more tender because your meat will absorb the marinade when it defrosts...or so I've heard :)
I wrote what marinade would be in which bag (easier done before adding liquid or meat to the bag) then separated out the chicken tenders (3-4 in each bag), set the bag (filled with chicken) in a dish, then poured the marinade ingredients in...I don't usually measure anything :) I use such small amounts of chicken in each bag because I only cook for 2-3 people on a regular basis. I will, however, make two bags of each marinade, on the off chance I will need more chicken for that specific meal (or use them at different times for just us).
A few marinade choices: honey mustard, teriyaki, honey bbq, garlic and herb, garlic, etc.
I did not marinate my ground beef, but I broke apart a package of about 3 lbs into 5 bags...some will become hamburger patties, another might be used in tacos, or maybe even stuffed manicotti. I hardly ever use a full pound of beef at one sitting, but -again- if I need more, than I just defrost more bags at a time.

How do you save on food costs? Do you use freezer meals/recipes? Want to share?

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