Monday, April 9, 2012

Naked Frame

One night, Widget was getting antsy to go somewhere (which I wasn't going to do) so I found a project that would take her mind off the antsy-ness.

I grabbed a naked frame (plain/unfinished wood) that I had picked up at Micheal's for about $1. Set the frame on some old paper ads in the kitchen on the floor. Gave Widget some markers and told her to decorate the frame.

I had images of a rainbow colored frame dancing in my head-since she is REALLY into rainbows right now, and it would take a little more time-but instead she wrote some letters and drew some swirls on the frame.

 The frame still looked 'naked' to me, but Widget was done. So I grabbed some scrapbook card stock and a 2"x3" baby picture and, using the paper as a mat, put the picture into the frame. The finished project sits on the bookshelf in Widge's room.

I loved this project, even if it didn't turn out the way I had imagined. It was cheap- only about $1 for the frame (which I already had on hand), markers on hand, newspaper/ads on hand, and Widget on hand...that's a total of about $1 for the entire activity!


Widget really wants to try typing, so I told her I'd let her have a turn on the 'puner' (as she calls it). Please enjoy the typing's of a preschooler:

lllykjlul,kiulliil jfjfjfjfjfjurruruhghghwpwwpwpwpp71221212332334RTTTTTYytytty2@@@@@22

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