Thursday, April 12, 2012

Popsicle Artwork Continued

Yay for working on projects! I'm almost finished with my Popsicle Art-I've now sprayed the 'Mrs.' and '&' all I need to do is touch up the lines a little bit and hang them on the wall (most definitely the hardest part).

Like I mentioned in Artwork in Progress I tried painting the canvases a little different-trying to stay away from the black paint bleeding under the vinyl.
 After painting the canvas/Popsicle sticks blue, I stuck the vinyl on then painted them blue again.
 See the vinyl? It is black vinyl that has undergone a coat or two of blue spray paint.

Then I sprayed everything black.
 The signs needed a couple of coats of paint for each layer because the Popsicle sticks absorbed quite a bit of paint...and at different rates.
 You can see the weird coloring on the edges of some of the Popsicle sticks above. The extra paint helped to hide the discoloration....
 ...And 'darken' the 'seams' in between the sticks
 After all layers of paint, peel back the vinyl.
 Sometimes the vinyl rips when covered in paint..oops! Just remember to work slowly :)

 And voila!
Next, I'll add the 'Mr.' sign to the grouping, and hopefully get it up on the my bedroom wall...pronto...

How are your projects progressing?

WhipperberryThe Southern Institute

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