Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sewing for Modesty

I found this awesome shirt on the clearance rack at Lucky...the only way I can afford a shirt in that store.

It's a creamy ivory color, and has beautiful lace insets on the sleeve and front neckline.

The front inset is lined, but the sleeves were not-so I needed to modest-ify the sleeves so I didn't have to wear an undershirt with the shirt.
A better picture of the front inset.
Here is the sleeve. I didn't want to close the entire sleeve in (I actually like the look of open lace) so my Mom-in-law and I decided to only close in half of the sleeve.
We used an envelope (what was lying around) to trace the shape we needed the extra fabric to be-making pencil marks through the lace and around the partial neckline.
Using a similar colored knit that my Mom-in-law had in her stash, we cut two of our pattern pieces (remember to cut them facing opposite directions, or fold fabric in half--like shown--and cut two at a time)
Pin the new pattern pieces into the sleeves-we changed the thread in the sewing machine to almost white so it wouldn't show or distract from the lace.
After a few adjustments along the way, my Mom-in-law got the job done. We made sure the under fabric only went to the edge of one of the medallion designs in the lace-to camouflage the edge a little.

All completed! Thanks Mom!
And, not to keep Widget out of the the modesty trend, Mom and I helped modest-ify this fun shirt Widget received from her Grandma Kathy for her Birthday last month.
The shirt itself was not immodest...but because the front is shirred, it gaped open more and more throughout the day (see the first picture of Widget...not holding a stuffed snake).
I took in the back of the shirt to 'tighten' the entire neckline. I couldn't get a good after picture, but believe me it has much improved in the gaping department. Widget loves the shirt, probably because the fun bright colors, and she knows that Grandma Kathy picked it just for her :)

How are your sewing adventures coming along?

The Southern Institute

The Southern Institute


  1. You're so creative and crafty and ingenious! I love it! Way to go!


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