Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thank You Notes

After Widget's birthday party, I was a mean an awesome mommy and made her write 'Thank You' notes to everyone who sent her a card that didn't make it to her party (think family that lives in Idaho and Utah).

I pulled some cards (I made quite awhile ago-actually as Bday invites for Widget's 2nd Birthday...but never used) from my stash, set her at the table with some colored pens, wrote 'THANKS!" out on a scrap paper for her to copy, and told her to write "THANKS!" and sign her name.
Some of the notes looked pretty good for a 4 year-old (letters and such), but every single one was Ca-ute! Pictures and squiggles were added for good measure by the little hands, then I addressed the envelopes and sent the cards on their way :)

She forgets to give herself enough space to fit all of the letters on one row sometimes...Like her name in the picture above. But isn't that an endearing letter to receive from your grandchild? I mean, come on! It's adorable!!!

Okay, enough tooting my own horn for the day...Have you made your kids write 'Thank You' cards/notes before? For what occasion?


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