Thursday, April 19, 2012

Third Thursday with Tash

This is a new series on the blog: Third Thursdays with Tash
My sister-in-law, Tash, will post something creative every third Thursday of each month:

 Have you ever walked into a store, and you can’t find anything you were looking for, much less want?  That is my normal experience at Wally World.  However here in the middle of nowhere there are limited options: the expensive hit or miss boutiques, the over priced hit or miss thrift stores, two mega department stores, or drive two and a half hours to a town of consequence.  Wally World happens to be the best craft store in town for basic crafty supplies.  Feeling sorry for me yet?  Well stop it, because the craft section just expanded!!!  I literally did a happy dance in the fabric section.  I’m sure the security camera operators will be playing my dance over and over to their buddies.  I couldn’t care less though, because part of the expansion is purging the old to make room for the new.  Can you say Clearance!  I sure can, and I had to tell myself to not buy everything. 

I used this trip to start my spring and summer d├ęcor.  As you can see from this snapshot of my apartment’s living room, we are living with the bear necessities.  It’s also really dark and gloomy.  It needs some sprucing up.

With the fabric I made a pillow.  I would have made more but I wanted my husband’s opinion first.  Never made a pillow?  It’s simple.  There are lots of detailed tutorials out there.  Pick your favorite one and follow it.  Oh and please ignore my stitching.  My 60’s sewing machine was not cooperating. 

The couch looks cheery already!  That is, until my husband came home and said, “Blech!”  I forgot that to him, teal is fine in moderation, and paisley is okay every once in a while.  The math adds to, Teal + Paisley = Blech!  Oh well. 

The silk flowers on clearance for $1.50 went on the wall.  Would you believe it if I said they are held up by one pin?  It’s true.  One straight pin pushed into the preexisting hole in the wall, and covered by the bow.  I love lilies and orchids. 

There you have it.  A quick spring spruce up your wallet appreciates.  Now if only the upstairs neighbors wouldn’t mind a skylight tube in the middle of their living room.  Then we could really let spring in. 

            Oh, and because some of you asked about last month's post. Rosemary has come forth!  Parsley has grown his first true leafs, and Basil smells delicious when touched. 

See you next month,

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