Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Development of Craziness

Have you ever had a mobile phone stop taking a battery charge? I mean randomly? And then not work in such a way that you had to purchase a new phone?
Let's add to that scenario...how about if you dying phone will not even connect to a new phone, or computer, to transfer contacts and other information? What would you do?
Well, as you can probably guess, this happened to me over the weekend. So I've been crazily trying to figure out a way to not lose all my data...if you happen to have any ideas, I'm all ears (and there might be a generous thank you involved!).

But, the nice thing about a new/better phone is the increased picture quality!
I finally have a picture of the Popsicle Stick Artwork hanging on my wall (below). Now, if only I was in-love with the project...then it might have been a success ;) I'm still happy with the results, but I think they are too small to be placed over our massive headboard. I think I'm going to move them to a different wall and put the old art back up (hopefully centered this time).
P.S. It is official: We will be living, as a family, in Puerto Rico for the rest of 2012!!!! However, check out the new suitcase I purchased for the occasion (below).
Too bad I took French in school instead of Spanish...I have a lot of learning to do :) AND a lot of packing...no joke! We found some friends to 'live' in our house while we are gone, so not only do I get to pack for Puerto Rico, I also get to pack our house up, too. Craziness is all around me at the moment, so this week will be on a 'post diet'--please forgive my short absence to find my sanity.

Do you have any fun summer plans?

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