Friday, May 18, 2012

Faithful Friday

Wow! What a week this has been?!? I mean, packing up my house so some friends can inhabit the place while we are gone, trying to pack our suitcases for 6-8 months stay in Puerto Rico, and trying to keep myself healthy has been quite a feat. But, life goes on (as it should) and things will all work out (crossing fingers now!).

Why does it seem so hard to 'slow down' when there is so much to do...Especially since we weigh down our schedules with things that are important to us, not necessarily things that are important to our Heavenly Father.

Through this busy time in my life (REALLY, when is it not busy in one way or another?), I must stay in-tune with the spirit and listen to what the Lord needs me to do for my family and others-instead of just focusing on myself. True, it is important to make sure my needs are met, so that I can stay healthy and prepared to perform Heavenly Father's will, but I shouldn't be selfish.

I still have a lot of work in the area...trying to see past the end of my own nose (so to speak).

Have a wonderful weekend!

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