Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fixing A Low Shirt Neck

I bought this little black t-shirt from Walmart (under $4), but found the v-neck line to be a bit too revealing for my long torso-ed preschooler. I knew I had some stretchy black lace in my stash at home, so I excitedly tossed the t-shirt into my cart and walked merrily away with a plan brewing in my crazy noggin.

Want to know how I 'fixed' the low neck line in the cheap v-neck shirt?
Here's how:
Grab a t-shirt
Some scissors, stretchy lace, liquid stitch  (or other fabric glue).
Flip shirt inside out and put something between the layers (so you don't accidentally get liquid stitch/glue on the back of the shirt or have 'bleed through')
Lay the lace out where you plan to attach it to the shirt. Cut the size needed to fill the 'V' on the shirt neck.
Draw a line of fabric glue along the seam of the 'V' and place lace accordingly.
*I actually glued two pieces of lace (double layered) to the shirt, to decrease see-through-ness :) However, the second piece of lace did not glue as well, and thus detached from the shirt after the first wash...I will try gluing the second piece back on at a later date.
After lace is glued to the shirt, let dry/set. Sometimes a book is good to press the two mediums together (fabric and lace) so the fabric glue saturates the layers. I used a book with a laminate finish on the cover so the glue did not adhere directly to the project.
Then, wear the shirt...and look awesome while talking to your imaginary friends on the plastic phone!
'This is me trying not to smile at you, Momma'
'Okay, my friend is on hold now...You told me to smile, right?'
'What do you mean that's not the face you wanted me to pull?'

'Okay Momma, let's call this face I know I'm cute and that's why you are taking pictures of me!'

What things have you done to store bought clothing so your kids could actually where them?


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  1. This SO beats layering! Thanks for linking up at DIY Thrifty Thursday. You've been featured! Stop by and grab an "I was featured" button. Hope to see you again this week! :)


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