Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Modifying a Garage Sale Find Continued

Yesterday, I showed you how I 'down sized' a cheap Garage Sale find from an XXL tank-top to my size (between M-L). You can see the step by step instructions here.
And now pictures of the completed project:
Excuse the lighting and blurriness...these pictures are courtesy of my 4 year-old who couldn't wait to get back inside the house and finish watching Cinderella. And don't ask me what my hands were doing in the picture below...just admire the pretty tank-top, Please :)
Notice the fun details of this top? I love the pleated bodice, the satin-looking sash and panel, and the double double stitched hem (which I added myself).
All and all, I think it turned out pretty well-I mean, it actually fits my body which means it wasn't a craft fail! I've already worn it twice since I completed it last week...I think I'm in love :)

Have you had any luck with garage sales this Spring?

P.S. I'm also working on another sewing project for Widget. Here is a sneak peak!

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