Thursday, May 17, 2012

Third Thursday with Tasha

Remember, every third Thursday, there is a series on the blog called, Third Thursdays with Tash where my sister-in-law, Tash, will post something creative every third Thursday of each month.

Closet of tools

Hello again!  I hope you have had a good month of crafting.  This month I want to share with you a project I have been working on for two months.  It was supposed to be a simple, easy, but ultimately useful sewing craft for my husband.  No, it was not simple and it left me frustrated many times, but it’s finally completed. 

Meet my closet.  It scares me.  My husband likes tools, a lot, but he doesn’t have a good space to put them.  So they pile up here.  Really it’s not too horrid, it’s just impossible to find things.  We decided that it needed some serious organization help.  A tool box was our first idea, but it would just be another big box for tools to get lost in.  That’s when we thought of an over the door organizer. 

The first thing I knew had to be done was plan, and map, and plan, how this was going to look.  I gathered all of the most used and consequentially most lost tools, and laid them out on grid paper.  Where do you find large one inch grid paper?  Why on the back of Christmas wrapping paper!  Honestly that was the best idea for planning this. 

I recycled a pair of jeans and a shirt that would never be worn again.  The legs were still in good condition, so they became the back.  Using the leftover denim and the shirt, I sewed on pockets and loops. 

Then I took off the pockets and loops and did them again… and again.  Then some pockets were too big, or too small, and had to be redesigned and sewn on again.  Finally I bound the edge like it was a quilt, inserted the dowels to keep it straight-er, and called it good enough.  Phew!

Here are the remains of the jeans and shirt.  It’s a good thing nobody will be wearing them!  Oh, and the tools won’t be hanging off of those tiny strips of fabric.  It’s my honey’s job to attach it to the door properly, and he’s not home from work yet. ;)

Have fun sewing your own crafty items! 

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