Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Pajamas!

I've been meaning to make pajamas for Widget since last Christmas...I was supposed to make her some as a Christmas present, but I was lazy and bought some instead (although I purchased pj's for super cheap). As you may have already guessed, this pattern (which I'm quite certain I bought at Walmart) has sat in my sewing room/studio for at least 6 months...But I finally put it to good use :)

I grabbed the pattern, and I cut out the smaller pattern for the pants (ie: size 3-6 instead of 7-12).

I only used 1/2 yard, and I made the pants into shorts (perfect for hot Puerto Rican weather, right?!?!)

Here is Widget modeling the pants after I sewed the waist band and lace cuff

She loves the fabric...I mean, who wouldn't? It's a faux patchwork of princesses, castles, frog princes, and horse drawn carriages.

Oh...Have you ever experimented with elastic thread? Oh my! I have now shirred at least three pieces of clothing...and I just can't stop! I thought these pajamas would be super cute if they had a 'bloomer' effect, so I sewed 4 rows (of shirring) about 1 inch up (towards the crotch) from the pant hem-and they look even cuter than before :)

This is Widget practicing her letters ('Mom School') while I sewed her new pajamas.

This white shirt was from the Target clearance rack (around $3, if I remember correctly). The colors where pretty close to the fabric I had on hand for the shorts (since I could only bring a tiny part of my fabric collection with me to PR). Because there was no dark blue/navy color in the princess print, I added a bit of navy (albeit darker than the shirt) onto the bottom of the shorts. I also sewed 3 rows of shirring around the sleeve openings to create more of a 'puff sleeve' than a 'butterfly sleeve'...in hopes of making the top match the bottom stylistically (he he he...I love using big words that I can spell).

*Sorry these last few pictures are funky...I had to wait until bedtime to get pictures of the whole 'outfit' together.
*P.S. the pant legs are really the same length, even though the left pant leg looks much short in the pictures. And even if they aren't perfect, you can't tell in person because the child moves too fast :)

...and then Daddy made her laugh :)

I would call this a Sewing Success!  It may be an understatement to say 'I am happy' with the results of this project! Widget even loves her new jammies, and has worn them every night since they touched her body. I'm glad I left a bit of fabric in the seam allowance, too...since she's been growing a lot, I was worried that she'd only get to wear these for a month or two. So I cut a size larger in the pattern, and used about a 1" seam allowance, and I left fabric in the waist band so I can 'drop the crotch' if necessarily. Just trying to plan ahead, ya know? And, if the fabric shrinks anymore in the wash, I have a little bit of play room to 'fix' the shorts if needed.

How about you---have you made pajamas for your children? Do you use a pattern or do you make it up as you go? Have you altered a pattern in some way (making pants into shorts, shirring, etc)?

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