Monday, June 11, 2012

Pinned and Prepared

Since I finally joined Pinterest (about 2 months ago), I have pinned a number of recipes (I mean, who hasn' I right???)

Well, I cooked something I pinned to my Favorite Recipes board...and my hubby and daughter loved it!

Have you ever visited The Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife? She has lots and lots of great recipes, like this one.

The Bacon Egg and Cheese Ring

Well, here are my pictures from my exploits:
 I used about 6 pieces of bacon...I think. It was enough to fill my medium size fry pan.
 I cut the bacon up into small pieces before frying it up, but you could do it after cooking the bacon.
 I also sauteed some chopped mushrooms in the bacon grease.
 Then scrambled up 5 eggs, but ended up only using about 4 eggs worth of scrambled eggs.
 I used 2 cans of the 4-count refrigerated crescent rolls (8 rolls total).
Placed them in a ring on a cookie sheet.
 Once in the ring, I filled the dough with the scrambled eggs, bacon and mushrooms.
 Then I pulled the outer corners in and tucked them into the center of the ring.
 Doesn't look pretty??!?!
 Oh...and I almost forgot to top it off with shredded cheese.
 Ta da!

 Even the Widget approved! I would definitely recommend this recipe, it's like having breakfast for dinner and the crescent rolls could also make this meal like having dinner for breakfast :)


The Southern Institute

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