Monday, June 25, 2012

Sea Shell Magnets

Since we've been visiting the beach every week, we have collected a number of sea shells. So for Father's Day, Widget and I put together some Sea Shell Magnets for the hubby. It just so happened that I brought a handful of metal bottle caps from Missouri, my hot glue gun, and scrapbook paper.

I traced the bottom of the bottle cap (the smallest side) on my chosen paper, then cut it out.
And trimmed the edges to make the paper fit into the bottle cap.
Fill the bottom of the bottle cap with hot glue, then place the cut circle into the glue. Let the glue cool.
Pick out sea shells to put in each cap and hot glue them into the individual caps.
 I thought it might be nice to put a 'glaze' over the shells and paper, but the only type I had on hand is Mod Podge Dimensional something or I tried it on just one bottle cap, see the one that looks white?
It did dry more clear, but a little wrinkly and contained a number of air bubbles. So, I left the others as is, hot glued some flat round magnets on the back, and voila!

Easy (and quick) personalized gift...and it cost pennies to make :) (especially if you have all the items on hand). You could also use other items instead of sea shells: maybe legos, marbles, old jewelry, etc. Really, anything small enough to fit into a bottle cap will work! And scrapbook paper, construction paper, postcards, fabric or pictures (like here) can be used in the bottom of the bottle caps.

Have fun personalizing bottle cap magnets for your next Birthday gift or how about magnets for a bridal shower made from the bride's choice of colored paper...the possibilities are nearly endless --->go forth and conquer the bottle cap magnets!!!

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