Thursday, June 7, 2012

Temple Run

Like I mentioned yesterday, I participated in a 5k race a few weekends ago. My dad was huge into running and racing. I never really caught that bug, but I can say that I have participated in a number of 5k's throughout my childhood and occasionally through my adult years. This particular race is named the Temple Run because it circles the Kansas City Temple site and nearby roads. It was a pretty easy route, mostly flat, and of course only about 3 miles.

We (Widget and I) arrived early to eat breakfast. Widget doesn't always eat bananas, but when she does-Look Out! She can scarf a banana down in nearly 12 seconds...unless she can see the little black 'seeds' in the banana, then she wont even touch it. She has issues with seeds :)

We met my husband's Aunt and Uncle (and their daughter) at the race, and spent most of the walk right beside them. Sorry Aunt M for the not-so-fabulous's the only one I got.
 Shortly after this shot, a lady started to pass us (on my left). And while doing so, told me, "I hope I look like you when I finish this race. I've been walking behind you long enough to know how awesome that would be." I awkwardly smiled and said thanks...glad to have someone say something so nice in a Stalker-ly way, I guess. But we all know how much I love Stalkers, right? The most awkward part is that she alluded to staring at me for a long period of time, from the back, while I was wearing tight stretchy pants...But, I have decided to take it as a great compliment. I've actually lost a bit of weight (nearly 12 lbs) since my surgery (although not by running-but other exercise) and it felt great to have someone enjoy notice my hard work, even if it was a stranger :)

I stopped the stroller at the 1/2 way mark, and made one of the volunteers take our picture. Widget was not really thrilled with smiling, and she used her sucker as an excuse, "But I NEED to finish my suuhhkerrrr, Mommmmeeeee!" I told the guy taking the picture to get both of us, and the sign in the background, in the frame. He took two for good measure:

After the race (is it really a race when you are walking???), the volunteers served orange slices, more bananas, apples, juice and sandwich cookies. Apparently we need the extra processed sugar to accompany fresh all honesty, I only ate the cookies :)

Widge and Cousin Kenna also spent some time eating cookies, and posing for pictures. Don't they look exhausted? Both ran in the race, although only one of them for longer than 60 seconds :)

Are you and/or your family into running? Races? Do you have any fun races planned during the rest of the summer?

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