Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vaca Recap

I wanted to post a few pictures from our trip to Florida. In chronological order (ish):

We walked on a pier in Palm Beach and saw a number of big 'boats' like the one above.
The view from the pier towards the port where we boarded our cruise.
Us just before getting on the cruise ship.
The kids pool on the ship...although we never swam on the ship, the pools were interesting.
Me waiting for our excursion: Jeep Tour of Grand Bahama island.
Our pretty yellow jeep, views from the back, front, and sides. Preston is looking at a huge puddle of water we are trying to avoid :)
On our tour we saw the owner of KFC's mansion (the chain on Grand Bahama island only). The guide made an comment about the man opening up a number of fast food restaurants on the island, making the locals fat and building a big house. It was funny...but I guess you had to be there :P
Some more scenery from our tour in the jeep.
Once in Orlando, we stopped to get something to eat and see a movie. Near the parking garage was this crazy building. It's called Wonder Works. I'm not exactly sure of everything inside but it cost about $25 per adult to walk around (which we didn't do)...but the outside facade looked awesome.
Also in Orlando, we visited Universal Studios. The creepy house above is actually a mini golf course on the edge of the City Walk.
Me being goofy.
We went on some fun rides, and a few others that made us both sick (like The Simpsons). We were both super excited to see Minion Mayhem; but sadly, it was not scheduled to open for another couple of weeks.
Although we took the photo opportunities around the building.
To sum it all up, here are all our pictures we took together. We got to see some beautiful places and some interesting people...isn't that why you go on vacation?

We had a discussion with a sales person in Florida about vacations. He got after us for not planning to take Widget around the world in her youth -but we feel that some vacations are for the family and some are for Mom and Dad only (not to mention how expensive would be to 'have' to take every one of our children around the world). Now, as Widget gets older, along with future children, we plan to vacation as a family...but not only as a family. What do you think? Do you vacation as a family? Only as a family? Vacation just as a couple? Or a little of both?
Your thoughts?


  1. We totally take Sammy. BUT - he's our only and always will be our only. We've taken him since he was little and, I guess, are ones who want to show him everything and get him addicted to traveling when young. He LOVED New York last year.

    However, about once a year, Isaac and I will do an overnighter somewhere. But anything longer and we include Sammy.

  2. There are family trips and then there are vacations! The ones where the kids come along are family trips....the ones you take with just the two of you are actually vacations :)


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