Monday, July 30, 2012

Another Jewelry Conversion

I picked up this necklace (actually two) from a store here in Puerto Rico...I think it was called Rainbow actually...anyway, the necklaces(s) cost $2.99 (each). The construction looked pretty easy to deconstruct, so I happily bought the only two rainbow bead necklaces they had.

I started by taking the clasp off, and all the jump rings that connected all the strands of beads, and chain, together.
Here are all the bead strands, a pile of chain pieces, the clasp and extended tab.
Something about blue and yellow together makes me smile, and adding orange is also a nice touch. I used a few of the existing jump rings and the original claps and extender tab to finish off the necklace. It was hard to find the center of the bead strands (being all a little different in length), but once I put a know in the center I proceeded to tie another knot on each side of the middle.
I like the way the knots look stripe-y with the three colors of beads.
With the aqua and green strands, I made this necklace using more of the original jump rings and another closure I had on hand (in my stash). You may notice I also added some of the original chain to the piece.
I had these awesome things...maybe we can call them bead my stash as well. The centers are all large enough to string at least two stands of beads and one chain through them. And, the closure also fits through the bead spacers, so I can wear the necklace with or without my silver and black accents.
Have you tried and DIY jewelry conversions yet?

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