Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cereal Box Chore Bank

We now live close to a Disney store (here in Puerto Rico). On one particular shopping trip, I let Widget pick a toy in the store. What did she pick? A plush Rapunzel doll (from Tangled)! Actually she picked Flynn Rider first, but when I explained he didn't come with a princess, she settled for Rapunzel. Well...this also means she still wants a Flynn Rider doll. After explaining I would only spend enough money for one doll, this is the conversation that followed:

 Widget: "But I need Flynn and Rapunzel!"
Me: "Where's your money, Widget?"
Widget: "In your purse, in your wallet."
Me: "Really? I think that is Mommy's money."
Widget: "Yep. And mine, too!"

So I decided we needed to figure out a way to give her her own money-that she earns. My hubby and I decided Widget could get paid for doing chores around the house so she can save up her own money to purchase the 'extra' toys she wants. And to make earning money even more fun, I created a Chore Bank for Widge to collect her new monies and not spend any of 'my' money doing so...gotta love FREE projects!!!

What I used:
1-mini cereal box
Scrapbook paper
Adhesive tape
Paper cutter
Decorative tape

*I had everything list above on hand, so I did not need to purchase anything new for this project = Free


I grabbed my scissors and cut out a coin slot in the top flaps of the cereal box.

Then I cut the scrapbook paper to fit around the box.

 I used adhesive tape to adhere the paper to the box (because it has a stronger grip than a plain old glue stick).

I also cut a piece of paper to fit over the coin slot in the top of the box-a bit tricky, but looks great in the final product.
 Besides making a decorative boarder; I used the tape to line the coin slot and seal the paper seams (around the top edge and 2/3 the way down the body).
 I am lazy...so I did cover the bottom of the box-which also makes it easier to brake into the bank to count your money :)

View from the top.

 And there you have it! A Chore Bank made from a mini cereal box.

And lest you think my child will earn enough money for her precious Flynn Rider doll within a week...just know that she only makes at most 5 cents per chore (which means she has the ability to make 35 cents a day-at most). The Flynn Rider doll is $19.95 plus tax, so it will most likely take her around 60 days to earn the right amount of money. Hard work? The chores are not hard, but waiting that long will definitely test her patience :)

Do your kids have an allowance or get paid for chores? How old were your kids when you implemented any allowance or payment system?



  1. Cute idea, hope it works!! That's nice you had all that stuff on hand. Did you bring it with you?

    1. Yup! I made sure to bring a handful of scrapbook paper, pretty much all my scissors, and numerous other supplies...including my new sewing machine. I'm so very glad we had enough room to pack my craft stuff, it's been quite helpful!


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