Thursday, July 12, 2012

Don't Color on Your Clothing?

I found these awesome markers (at Walmart...pretty much the only store with craft supplies here in Puerto Rico). I've seen so many 'graffiti' clothing items for children floating around blogland...and these markers reminded me of this skirt. I think a project like this is great to do with kids, but be careful they don't start drawing on the clothing they are wearing, because markers like these are not made to be washable!

So I grabbed a plain white t-shirt from my daughter's drawer (an older shirt that has a couple of small holes in it, so I wouldn't mind so much if the project was a disaster). Then I cut a cereal box into two pieces, and slipped both pieces into the body of the shirt, so the marker didn't bleed through.

I started by drawing a heart with two different colors of pink maker, then continued drawing...

Widget even helped :) I've drawn more and more on the shirt throughout the week, and I am still not finished...I'll share the finished product when, well...I feel finished. I still need to draw on the back, and such.

Have you painted or drawn on fabric or an item of clothing (on purpose)? What products do you like to use?

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