Friday, July 20, 2012

Faithful Friday: Bizarre Sand or Birdseed?

We've been going to this cool beach here in Puerto Rico...and it's fun and all, but the sand is so bizarre!

It looks sort of like birdseed to me....what about you? 

Birdseed or's been a lot of fun hanging out with the Hubs more often :)
And like this 'different' sand: we, too, are all so very different...but that is the most wonderful part of life. Our Heavenly Father created us a vast and varying as the face of the Earth. I'm so very glad my Hubby is not me (it would be awful to have two emotion wrecks together all the time) and if everyone else was the same, well, your imagination can fill in the rest...let's just say it wouldn't be too pretty. 
I hope you are enjoying your spouse/family every day, because it is a great gift from God to live and grow here on Earth with loving people surrounding us :). Love is what helps each of us thrive...and for me, thriving leads to crafting (because I feel less stressed, confident, and more at peace with myself) and we all know how much I love to craft!!!

Have a joyous weekend!

Let Birds Fly

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  1. Pretty photos. Love that weird sand! :) My family is going to Puerto Rico in about 3 weeks. These photos just make me even more excited! Thanks so much for linking up to my travel party!


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