Saturday, July 14, 2012

Faithful Friday & White Boys

Maybe it's more like a Faithful Saturday...but I digress. Life here in Puerto Rico has been crazy and busy...not just one big party, like some of you may have been lead to believe. I mean, I have to go to the pool multiple times a week, I am required to get down and dirty in the sand to build Princess Castles at the beach, my sewing machine stays camped out on the dining room table almost 24/7 (beckoning to me, no less), my broom never collects dust because it is always in action sweeping the white tile floors in our house (I think I must lose a lot of hair, because I'm constantly sweeping up more), and we've been entertaining company every couple of weeks (it seems).  

So as you can see, totally not one big party :), what is up with having to sweep floors?!? Anyway, other things have been going on as well, like trials and stuff.

I've been trying to come to terms with my 'surgical results' from my awesome experience last January. Every little cramp or discomfort in my abdomen reminds me of my lost pregnancy, or introduces more worry of another possible ectopic (since my risk of another ectopic pregnancy has increased since already having one). I struggle knowing I could end up having surgery again, but I pray a lot.

I pray for guidance, for peace, for stamina to survive my emotional trials...among the normal pleadings of health, patience and uneventful days. Sometimes I feel at ease, but I also still have days of emotional turmoil and constant want to sob uncontrollably. I struggle with not being in control of everything around me, especially my own body, but I learn more and more every day to let go of myself and to hand it all over to the Lord. And, I try to love Widget more and more (even when my patience wears thin-and the yelling starts).
Widget's photography at the beach: how many shots do you need to take to get 90% of the subjects body into the frame, obviously at least five :)

I hope by sharing my struggles and concerns here, that I can help someone else know they are not alone in their trials...and maybe help them realize they are not the only one experiencing their hardship. Most importantly, I testify that our Heavenly Father is real and He loves us, that Jesus Christ is our redeemer and we are supposed to go through trials to be refined and made beautiful.

I wish you the best of days this week, and strength to accomplish the many tasks you are meant to accomplish. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Well, I want expecting to cry... but you successfully made me do it. I wish I could make all the pain and worry go away. You are loved and in my prayers!!!


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