Monday, July 23, 2012

Only Two Seams!

Okay, so this shirt does only have two seams (sewn up the sides)...but it also has sleeve hems, shirt hem, bias tape neckline and a whole bunch of shirring :)

But even with all that sewing, this shirt was fairly easy to put together. I used the new shirt pattern I made by tracing an existing shirt (see the mini tutorial here).  I folded my fabric in half then half again, then placed the pattern as close to the top fold as possible (and the pattern is made to be cut on the fold).
However, because I wanted to sew as few seams as possible, I altered the pattern a bit...I used the center fold to line up the middle of the shirt (edge of the pattern) and the top fold as the shoulder seam(s).

I cut the pattern, where a bust dart would be, and extended the shoulder in the pattern to the top fold of the fabric.

I traced the original pattern onto the fabric so you could see the difference...ish. One of the orange lines is the original pattern, and the other line is the alteration to the pattern.

Here is the shirt with almost everything finished: just needs the neck completed.

Here is the finished shirt, neckline and all!

Now here is the back of the shirt. I put a pleat in the back for design and to make the neckline a bit smaller.

And here is Widget enjoying her new shirt. I didn't need to bribe with candy or treats, just Rainbow that is why Rainbow Dash is in the pictures. After all, the fabric used for the shirt has rainbow colored circles all over it-so the 'girls' match...right?!?!
Funny thing about these pictures: We had a rainy morning, but as soon as the sun came out of the clouds I snapped a handful of shots in front of our neighbors house. And as soon as we got back inside the house and locked the door, the rain started again...and it didn't stop raining the rest of the day. So we were lucky to catch a few rays when we did :)
If you cannot tell, she absolutely loves 'My Little Pony'...

Sometimes she is so precious....
And a view of the back of the shirt while on the, model.

A bit closer view of the neck line. I used a more decorative stitch to liven up the red bias tape.
And some more random shots. I love making clothes for kids; they move to fast for an adult to study the imperfections of the garment. Widget loves that I make her things, I get to use my creative juices, and I do not need to make perfection = perfect project.

Have you made any clothing for your kids this summer? What kind of patterns do you like to use most often?



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